Massachusetts Electoral Urban Strategy

See Forward Fund has helped organize a new collaboration, bringing together key 501(c)4 base-building organizations and traditional progressive organizations and labor unions to collaborate and win, on Election Day and beyond. The effort also includes a joint fundraising effort by all the members of this unique collaboration, which is staffed by a consultant hired by SFF. The effort takes a qualitative step toward building a lasting and effective progressive infrastructure in Massachusetts.

The Mass Electoral Urban Voter Strategy seeks to harness the potential of the state Rising Electorate, comprised of unmarried women, youth (18-29), and people of color. In the past 10 years, these populations have experienced a 164% growth. In the Commonwealth, this electorate makes up 20% of the eligible voters. According to an analysis by Tufts University, these voters live largely in urban cities and towns.  These voters play a key role in the outcome of the elections in Massachusetts.